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Today we’re here with a program called XMind 8 Pro. Let’s get right into this. I’ve got a lot of things I want to talk about with XMind 8 Pro.It is a program for mind mapping. So if you’re going to use it, you’ve got to download it install on your computer.

I’m going to go through all the details. I will talk a little bit about the things I like and the things I don’t like. After that, I’m going to give you some overall impressions. I’m going to try and do this as quickly as possible, but I also want to be thorough.

It works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. There is also a portable version you can put on a USB Drive and it works for all three systems.

XMind Crack has a free option, and it also has some excellent prices when it comes to the upgrades, and here you’ll get the full version for free.

The free version gives a ton of good, features so we’ll get into that a little bit more. If you want to add some more features, you can do so by checking out a few things. XMind 9 ProGives a bit more themes, a better search.

XMind Full Version Download:

They have synchronized Gantt chart. The Gantt charts sync with mind maps to manage tasks, allowing you to set start and finish dates.

Advanced searching is one of the cool features it has I’ll talk about a little bit later. Audio recording works well.

I’m going to start with some of the things I like about X Mind. I’ve got quite a few things, so we’ll go through the list. I’ll try to cover most of the topics.

Features and Tools


Enter opens a subtopic below the current topic so that we can add a new one.

Child Mode

The tab is lowered and it’s in child mode. Hit tab, and we’re good to go. You can also create a new note.

Simple Layout

It has a straightforward layout; it makes it’s intuitive; also, it makes a lot of sense. It has a nice design as well. X mind is not too much; it’s not too little.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You’ll like the intuitive keyboard shortcuts. I love the control-c and control-v keys. I also like F2 for renaming things. All the keys do the rate things that are used to if you’re used to, and kind of word or Microsoft products; this stuff works; that’s why there’s the zero learning curve.

Copy & Paste:

You can copy-paste things into Tab documents. This is what I mean. You go to the X Mind; the main node and hit ctrl c to copy the entire map. Now, go to Word or any other app to paste it in. What happens is every time you do this, you can see that everything is either 1 or 2 or whatever tabs in so you can take something that’s already been tabbed in a Word document. You can copy it and paste into any app.


Show what happens when you click something. This will do a drill down. What a drill down f6 does is that it takes the node and makes it main. The idea is to choose one topic from a large mind map and concentrate on it. You can then adjust your mind map by focusing on the topic you have chosen. You look at the linker is I think it’s Shift or alt f6 and takes you right back to the main one.

Home Map

The other thing that I like is the home map. What a home map means is that every time you open X mind, it’s going to come to your main map. You can put your goals, actions, or projects on them. This feature is great; it opens and begins working immediately.

Arithmetic Signs:

Intuitively, you’ve got the plus sign, minus, the multiplication, and division signs. What they do is shrink the note that makes any sense. The plus sign opens its word gets cool is that if I hit the multiplication, it’ll open everything below this point; if you hit the division, it’ll close everything up to this point.

XMind 8 Pro Crack Torrent + keygen Download 2020

System Requirements

  • CPU:Processors with 800Mhz or more.
  • RAM:We recommend at least 2048 MB of RAM.
  • HDD Storage200MB free disk space is available for downloading and installing files.
  • You will need an Internet connection to use certain features. XMind Crack.
  • Other Apps:Microsoft Word/Microsoft Powerpoint for Certain Features
  • Java:Java Runtime Environment Version 6.

License Keys




How to Install?

  1. Download and install first XMind 111.2 Pro.
  2. After the installation is complete, you can use it.
  3. Restart the system
  4. All done
  5. Enjoy the Latest Version
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