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What Back To The Future Part II got right!

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When the future is shown in movies, it’s usually a dark and depressing dystopian one where something in our present causes our society to collapse. Even Disney shows us a future in which the Earth is no more inhabitable.The beloved Wall-E). But occasionally, a movie shows a future that doesn’t look so bad—one with self-lacing shoes, 19 JawsFlying cars and movies. Technically, we could say that this movie is from the past. It’s time for us to hop in our DeLorean, generate the necessary 1.21 Jigowatts and travel to the futuristic world of October 21, 2015, as we take a look at what Back to the Future Part II got right and wrong about the future of technology… from eight years ago!

Following the success of original Back to the FutureThe writer/director Robert Zemeckis, the writer Bob Gale, and the producer Steven Spielberg knew that audiences wanted to see the future in the sequel. They had an advantage with some of the technology advances because it was still in its early stages. Others were pure genius. What radical ideas did the film makers successfully predict over 35 years ago?

When we first arrive on October 21, 2015, we are treated to a rainy dystopian future that doesn’t look too appealing. The world of 2015 was a cool and futuristic place when the rain stopped as Doc Brown predicted. 

The idea of bending over to tie your shoes is something so many of us wish we didn’t have to do, so the idea of a shoe that ties itself was something we all wished we had! Was it a prediction or a self-fulfilling proclamation? The technology as it exists in the movie isn’t quite what we have in today’s world, but Nike did put out a line of shoes called the Adapt BB that will conform to the wearer’s foot, with some designs even resembling the shoes Marty wore in the film. Nike made this movie a real thing, and it will cost you 500 dollars! 

One thing that the movie didn’t get right was that We regrettably never got to Jaws 19 We did get Jaws 2,, Jaws 3DYou can also find out more about the following: Jaws: The RevengeThe money train stopped there. I guess if you count the numerous home video releases of the first movie, it’s like there were nineteen Jaws films. But even with that miss, the filmmakers did something right: holographic branding that looks like it’s coming at you. Marty ducks when a shark hologram comes to bite him off. In today’s world, if you were walking around Tokyo, you would think Dragons were coming at you, or giant cats just wanted to play. These advertisements look futuristic even in today’s world!

In 1985 it was a strange idea to use your thumbprint as a payment method on an electronic device. But Bob Gale claims that the idea had been seen in many science fiction films. In today’s world, not only is using your fingerprint to unlock your portable devices something many of us do but biometrics, using facial ID or thumbprints for other security purposes such as entering your home, has been adopted by many people who see the unique print of their thumb or an ocular scan as more secure than a key.

Even the portable devices themselves are something that the film got right. You don’t have to wait anymore in a mechanics’ lobby with a rabbit-eared television playing Sally Jesse Raphael. We all have our own smartphones and tablets, which allow us to pass the time however we like. Most restaurants now have tablet readers with card readers, so you can quickly pay and get out of there.

It may not be a complete miss, but when did anyone last see a Texaco Station? In the film it appears that Texaco is Hill Valley’s gas station of choice. Texaco, the once-dominant gas station brand, has had a rough time. It filed for bankruptcy in 1989, merged with Chevron in 2002, and is only available in 16 states.

Marty enters Retro Cafe 80s. One of the things that Back to the Future Part IIArtificial Intelligence is a topic that is only just now becoming a big issue. A deal that included heavy AI protections was reached not long ago to settle the SAG-Aftra Strike. Yet in this Cafe ’80s, if you wanted a Pepsi, all you had to do was ask an AI version of Ronald Reagan while ordering a cheeseburger from Michael Jackson. Sure, it was an AI,What if the world had become a celebrity who took your order in a niche café? What would AI look like in Back to the Future 2023?!

As a child watchingBack to the Future Part II There were many cool things that we would have added to our Christmas list, but the Hoverboard was something that every kid (and probably adult) wanted. All kids wanted to be able float in the air. In today’s world, there are things on the market called Hoverboards, but let’s be honest… they don’t hover! They glide on the ground while you maintain your balance. The question then is: did the film get it wrong? Not quite. BBC reported in 2016, one year after the events depicted in the movie, that engineers had found a way to create real-life hoverboards using magnets, liquid nitrogen and semiconductors. You know, the same stuff used to make the T-1000! In a video on their website, they demonstrated the technology in a slightly smaller size than the skateboards seen in the movie. Hendo Hover made a valiant attempt to bring the technology to the masses shortly after. In the seven years that have passed since the report, hoverboards are still not a part our everyday lives, but the technology exists, which is a big win. Back to the Future Part II!

In the world of 2015 It seemed kids weren’t walking zombies to their phones and tablets as they seemed in the real world. That’s because they are obsessed with their glasses that work as a virtual world with everything from the TV to the Phone right there in front of their eyeballs. Virtual Reality is a multi-billion dollar industry, thanks to devices like the Meta Quest or the Playstation VR2. The glasses featured in the movie are more like Google Glass devices, where the wearer can watch TV and view incoming calls. However, the writers were aware that wearable technology would be a part of the future.

We see a drone walking a dog in the rundown neighbourhood where Marty lives with his family. While we may not allow our four-legged family members to be walked by Drones just yet, one can’t deny that they are a vital part of our world. Not only in military use where the US can drop bombs on a target thousands of miles away but also in filmmaking. Many filmmakers, like Michael Bay, use Drones to capture amazing shots, while kids can pick up their personal drone at their local toy shop to play with.

The McFlys’ home is lit up by a Siri-like voice as soon as they enter. A simple voice command can be used to turn on the lights. While the thought of not having to flick a switch to turn on your lights in 1985 was a far-off idea, in today’s world, it is a feature many of us enjoy with our smart devices while Siri and Alexa greet you however you desire. In the living room, Marty takes part in a business transaction gone wrong on his large flat-screen TV using video-conferencing, which is part of our daily lives in today’s world.

There were some big misses, despite the fact that they did so much right. First, if you were going to be fired, you probably wouldn’t be fired by receiving ten faxes around your home! In the 80s fax machines were the newest thing. But that technology has remained in the past. Pizza Hut’s self hydrating pizza was also a big miss. According to Bob Gale of the writer, Pizza Hut requested a tie-in to the movie. Gale then consulted with Zemeckis about the next major advancement after the microwave. It’s miniature food that hydrates within seconds! I think we can chalk that one up to true science fiction, as I don’t believe that technology is even in the research and development stages anywhere in the world!

Christopher Lloyd Back to the Future

The filmmakers got one thing almost right. It would have been truly amazing, since the entire plot of the film revolves around someone wishing that they could go in time and place a bet on sports. The Chicago Cubs hadn’t been a great baseball team for a while. The Cubs’ longest streak without winning a World Series was 107-years in 2015. The 2015 MLB postseason was a time when everyone wished that they could go back and bet on Cubbies. They had entered the postseason as wild-cards, defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates and then beat the St. Louis Cardinals. It seemed that the Cubs would make history when there were only four teams left. But the New York Mets ended this by sweeping the Cubs four-game sweep in the Championship Series. Although the writers weren’t far off in their prediction as the Cubs would go on to win the World Series the following year, with many people wishing they had their own Sports Almanac in their back pocket.

In the film there is a line that says the Justice System works so well now that all attorneys have been eliminated. Unfortunately, it was a big miss. Lawyers are still everywhere, and our justice is anything but perfect!

In films set in the future, wardrobe departments are free to create outfits that they deem futuristic and functional. Back to the Future Part 2, was no exception as they crafted a unique look for Biff and his cronies that in the real world of 2015 wasn’t quite accurate. However, with some of the clothes I have seen people wear, I wouldn’t say they were far off either!

There are two main things to consider. Back to the Future Part 2, They are the things that almost all time-travel movies get wrong. 

  1. Flying Cars
  2. Time Travel as it is!

Christopher Lloyd has spoken many iconic lines, but one stands out above the rest: “Roads, where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”Doc, Marty, and Jennifer would then hover over the street while an older/humbler Biff Tannen watches with the familiarity that comes from a flying DeLorean. When we emerge from clouds, we are in a future of October 21, where highways are both in the ground and the sky. As much as we all may want to imagine a world where we can get in our own vehicle and take to the skies, never having to worry about TSA again, it is just something that isn’t a reality. Granted, the filmmakers didn’t invent the idea of the flying car. The idea of a flying car has been around since the 1960s, when The Jetsons cartoons first introduced it to many of us. As with everything that is impossible, this technology may soon become a reality. Several companies are working on a flying vehicle. The Netherlands Liberty Sport, Moroni H1, Alec Model A, Klein Vision AirCar and the Moroni H1 are all on the list. And if you’ve got $770,000 lying around you can buy the Samson Switchblade for 2025. These are all very expensive cars. “flying cars”They look like personal aircraft such as Cessnas, but with sleek designs that allow them to drive on roads. They all look the same. The Homer!

And of course, the big miss, the miss in every time travel movie: time travel does not exist… we think! Who’s to say that time travel in the future will be invented, with very specific rules that you can’t interfere with the people in the present if you return in time? You don’t know that isn’t true, do you?! The idea of seeing our own future is as old as time itself, and who wouldn’t want to see where we are 5000 years from now? Or even IF WE STILL ARE! Many of us would love to take a trip back in time to see the dinosaurs or the signing of the Declaration of Independence or even see our own parents in their teens, which was Bob Gale’s original idea when he thought up the first Back to the Future He saw a photo of his father from high school and wondered whether they would have been good friends. The idea that came from it led to the creation of one of Hollywood’s greatest trilogies. 

Despite Back to the Future Part 2, Even though the event is now in our past, the sleek design of the display and the innovative tech will never become old. It may have happened over eight years ago. Even though it was filmed over eight years ago. The film will remain timeless because the filmmakers allowed their imaginations to run wild. 

And I still want my Black & Decker Hydrator so I can make a delicious Pizza Hut Pizza in 2 seconds!

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