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Think about Streaming Services 2024 Edition

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Streaming has revolutionized the way content is delivered, and linear media companies are now in a state of panic as they watch cable services decline. Cutting the cord is a popular practice today, but the streaming landscape still has some flaws. We’re now a decade deep into streaming, so I thought I’d share my thoughts about the state of the new media: First impressions, Second Thoughts, and Third Degree!

  • Netflix is the king, thanks to its first mover advantage and smart financial moves in the last six months. Netflix’s original content is not remarkable. Recent wins include USA’s Suits, and content licensed by Max…They need to be better
  • The biggest loserIn the current streaming landscape Is the sports fan. Want to watch American Football? You’ll need Peacock and Amazon Prime. Soccer fan? You will need Peacock Plus, ESPN Plus, Paramount Plus and AppleTV Plus if MLS is important to you. Being a sports fan can be expensive.
  • The parent companies of HBO, Showtime and Paramount Plus killed their brands by introducing “Max” and Paramount Plus. HBO’s brand and fuzzy fade-in are iconic. “Max” means nothing. This stupid brand change killed a part of me.
  • The streaming services initially lured us with no ads, but they have learned that the advertising tiers generate a higher revenue. Now They’re trying to charge us moreTo get us to choose the cheaper tier, which is ad-driven. Smart business, but I will pay more to avoid ads.
  • Apple has all of the resources in the World but they treat the streaming service as they do everything else: Offer an unremarkable itemAnd skate off of the name. Ted Lasso, Shrinking and everything else are fillers.
  • …and charging people for Killers of Flower Moon during holidays, and then giving it away for free when people return to work. This is a shameful money grab.
  • Amazon offers a limited amount of exclusive content. These tech companies have a half-in, half-out strategy.
  • Warner Brothers Discovery licensing content to Netflix, especially the Marvel Comic Universe, because they need fast cash feels like self-own. How do you grow Max by giving your best content to a better service?
  • AppleTV hardware is incredibly elegant to use. I’m just disappointed that they didn’t commit more to their gaming offerings. Roku feels like a Super Nintendo console in an N64 world.
  • Free streaming is a great option if you do not want to spend any money. YouTube, RokuTV, Tubi, and other services offer great content at no expense.
  • Disney Plus offers a great selection of old movies. My kids rarely watch TVNetflix is their favorite place to watch cringeworthy shows.
  • A big frustration is the absence of a “previous button” on cable remotes. YouTubeTV makes it difficult to navigate between channels
  • To further improve the experience it would be wonderful if AppleTV or Roku would become compatible. Allow users to run two apps simultaneouslyLet us build our multi-view.
  • StreamEast’s convenience is so great that I want to abandon all of my other sports streaming services.

Are you in agreement or not? What did I forget? Let me know below in the comments!

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