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The British TV Mystery Tradition of ‘Midsomer Murders

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The Two Chief Inspector Barnabys: John Nettles as Tom Barnaby & Neil Dudgeon
as John Barnaby. Neil Barnaby took over after Nettles, who played Tom for 14-years.
 “Midsomer Murders” started as a pilot on Great Britain’s ITV in 1997.

Midsomer is synonymous to
Murder thanks to the long-running British TV program Midsomer Murders.  As an old friend
Cabot Cove is a fictional location that was also mentioned by me. Murder, She Wrote: “I’d sure hate to
“People drop like flies there!”

If you watch too much of this show, it will haunt you with its eerie themes!

It is a cross between Agatha Christie and pastoral mysteries.
Modern day TV police procedurals. The show will be in its 24th season by 2024. 

One of my mother’s
favorites, when she doesn’t have that other feel-good perennial on—Law and Order, I first binge-watched Midsomer MurdersCovid
era. These clever and convoluted movie-length mysteries, with their large casts of actors, are a great way to spend an evening.
The plot twists and dramatic deaths started to blur.

The cast has changed over time. DCI Tom Barnaby’s
 peeps are on the left and DCI John Barnaby’s are on the right!

Last Thanksgiving?
When I bought my new TV after 18 years, I began watching this mystery suspense
Series on YouTube and Tubi. While watching at a slower pace, I noticed a number of things.
There are recurring themes. There are far more than ten, but here’s the top tropes
You can also find out more about the following: Midsomer MurdersWhat makes you jump out?
I am astonished:

#10: While British
The detectives are usually the heroes. They make a whipping-boy out of them.
sidekicks. The whippersnappers newbies are often quick to make conclusions or
deal poorly with suspects, but let’s just say their superior officers also
The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own language skills. The following are some of the best alternatives to attitudes!

John Nettles can be a little snide, but Daniel Casey’s DS Troy is a real irritant! The 24th season of “Midsomer Murders”.

#9: The situation that
Locals often see murders as an unwanted event when they are committed.
Rich locals and crass foreigners can bring about a change.

#8: Another main
The motive for a series of murders is often the secret parentage of a now adult
Characters whose actions could upset the status quo of the killer!

Woe to any British aristocrat who dismisses either Chief Inspector Barnaby or the Chief Inspector Barnaby team!
The perennial Brit TV favorite “Midsomer Murders” is back.

#7. If a character has been rearranged, it will appear in the #7 column.
A British old male blowhard, he is either going be murdered or is You can also get involved in
the murder.

#6: If that rich old
British dude has a wife, she’s usually far younger and far less classy!

#5: If I had a dollar
for every time the first murder happens with the killer creepingThe following are some examples of how to use the foliage
I’d be a millionaire if I was just looking through the window.

How many times?
Does Chief Inspector Barnaby ever realize at the end of an episode who or what?
What if someone made a casual comment about the murders? 

This in turn leads to #3
Barnaby is made aware of someone in imminent danger by his officer and him
Making a mad rush to catch the killer before its too late.

Like #2 Law and OrderIf you wanted to watch a
The “Reader’s Digest version” of Midsomer
You could watch only the first five minutes and miss the rest.
Middle courses of Red Herring

Here’s my first one:
nearly fool-proof way of guessing a Midsomer murderer. It’s rare that the killer is the same person every time.
nasty characters—they usually get satisfyingly knocked off. No, it is usually a gentle
A character or a SEEMINGLY genteel person who reveals their true colours in the
The closing minutes. They are usually frustrated and pushed by plot points.
They said that they were driven to murder! 

Don’t let “Midsomer Murders” meek & mousy types fool you! This one looks like
 Bette Davis as the old maid from “Now, Voyager!” She’s more like Davis’ bad girl!

, today an institution, started as a test pilot in 1997. There are
There were two Chief Inspector Barnabys. John Nettles starred as Tom Barnaby on 81 episodes.
The episodes lasted until February 2011. Neil Dudgeon then took over as Tom’s cousin,
John has played the role of Inspector Barnaby ever since.
I am very grateful for your help.
Nettles is a great Tom Barnaby. His inspector can be a little prickly but has a lot of charm.
Dudgeon is a good detective with a wry wit and a subtle sense of humor. Dudgeon tries to
I find the humor a bit heavy-handed. The regular supporting
The cast, which has evolved a little over the years, is all excellent.
even if you don’t always like their characters. And Inspector Tom’s wife and
Cully and his daughter, Joyce, can sometimes make me wish that he was a bachelor. I often
I find two of the sergeants – Troy and Jones – a little too dense to enjoy them. I
They also preferred the sergeants, who didn’t stay long and also happened to be
Be the hunks rather than the hicks.

What happened to John Hopkins?
DS Dan Scott called in sick and never returned!

The always is not the only thing
The weekly guest casts are the stars of the show.
Barnabys and Barnabys are two quirky characters that inhabit each Midsomer village.
Sort out who the murderers are. There’s always a great cast of British
Some actors are familiar to American audiences. Some actors are familiar to American audiences
Hayley Mills Imelda Staunton Judy Parfitt Simon Callow Especially
The actors who portray the guest villains are wonderful. Rarely have I seen me laugh so hard on a show.
seen such a parade of brilliant baddies that you can’t wait to see get done in!

Toby Jones was a regular in “Midsomer Murders”.

Midsomer Murders has had some great guest stars, though it’s
Not a Hollywood SquaresParade of
familiar faces, like Murder, She Wrote.
One of my all-time favorite episodes was a stellar Honor Blackman who
She was the timeless femme fatale in “A Talent for Life,”Nearly 80 years old.

Honor Blackman was a brilliant guest star on “Midsomer Murders”, in 2003.

The writing on Midsomer MurdersThe symphony of the choral music has been a constant
strong. The show can be a mixture of black comedy and slight supernatural.
The film is full of chills and never loses its basic premise. Midsomer MurdersThe number of
The episodes that I remember the most are not the classics, but rather the ones that I find the most memorable.
This has a bittersweet feel, with the characters of today haunted.
The past deaths of those we love. Each episode of Midsomer MurdersEnjoy the many activities that are available.
repeatedly, which is exactly what I’m now doing!

“Midsomer Murders'” current crime solvers include Neil Dudgeon in the role of DCI John Barnaby
& Nick Hendrix as DS Jamie Winter. 

Midsomer MurdersThe Chief Inspector Barnaby is the basis for this film
Caroline Graham series of books. She became a successful woman in her middle age.
Her first Barnaby books was published in 1988. Graham is still around at age.

Speaking of Detective
shows with twisty stories and terrific villains, here’s another show I enjoyed
during Covid lockdown, Columbo,
Focusing on Jack Cassidy, a three-time guest bad guy!


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