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Some Apple apps for Vision Pro will be ‘unmodified’ iPad apps to start

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It won’t be a huge shocker if the bulk of the “over 1 million” apps that Apple says the Vision Pro will launch with are mostly just Existing iPad and iPhone versions. But what is a little surprising is that some of Apple’s big first-party apps will be, too, including Podcasts, News, Calendar, and Reminders, according to Mark Gurman’s Power On You can also read our blog about it.The following are some examples of how to use Bloomberg today.

It seems like a bizarre choice for Apple’s big, shiny new platform at first glance. But whether it’s actually a problem may depend on how well the Vision Pro’s gaze-and-tap interface ports to the apps’ touch-first approach. After all, it’s not like the Reminders app needs mind-blowing immersive 3D effects. But part of the appeal of the platform for some folks will be the Vision Pro’s possibilities as a productivity device. If it’s frustrating to use the Calendar app because its main input method doesn’t You can find out more about this by clicking here. If the device doesn’t do the job well, it could be a disappointment.

Gurman’s piece reflects an overall muted Vision Pro app story of late. He writes that developer enthusiasm is low due to factors like Apple’s 30 percent App Store cut, which especially stings for a product that, as he writes, the company may only have made 80,000 units of at launch, making a small pool of users to sell apps to. Also, independent developers who couldn’t get their hands on a Vision Pro developer kitApp maker Paul Haddad said that many people would not be willing or able to pay the otherwise high entry price. Mastodon postQuoted in the Bloomberg story.

Major companies have also left the market. Both YouTubeYou can also find out more about the following: NetflixBoth companies have chosen not to let their iPad applications run on the headset. In their case, they allow you to use their websites via Safari, which is fine since Both sites Support 4K playback using Apple’s browser, at least on the Mac. Maybe you won’t miss the apps on the Vision Pro at all (unless you’re especially excited about being able to Sit in the desert and watch Star Wars).

It is impossible to know how the Vision Pro will be used without knowing what people think. Apple TV and Apple Watch are two products that have a relatively small app ecosystem but seem to be popular. Like those devices, the headset also has its own platform separate from the iPad and iPhone. Even so, the lack of developer enthusiasm isn’t especially encouraging. The Vision Pro will require more than just a few 3D movie apps in order to thrive.


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