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SolarWinds hackers attack Microsoft with apparent recon mission

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MicrosoftMidnight Blizzard has confirmed that they were the target of a hacking campaign in what is believed to have been a recon mission.

Hackers, also known as ATP29 Cozy Bear and Nobelium are considered state-sponsored. RussiaInfiltration of 2020 is a serious threat to the security of the United States SolarWinds’ Orion platform.

You can also find out more about the A-Team here. Microsoft statement confirmed its security team detected what it described as a nation-state attack on its corporate systems and immediately activated a response process to investigate, disrupt malicious activity, mitigate the attack, and deny the threat actor further access.

Although the malicious activity was discovered 12 January, it’s believed that the cyberattackThe serious incident occurred in late November of 2023. This left the American multinational technology giant to play a catch-up game.

Early indications indicate that Midnight Blizzard has been able to access legacy system accounts using a Attacks on password spraying

The hackers were then able to successfully target Microsoft corporate emails belonging to senior representatives of cyber security and legal functions. They were looking to scan the accounts for information on themselves – Midnight Blizzard – to find out what intel big tech is sitting on.

As is believed, the stakes in this seemingly sensitive matter are further increased if the Russian government is involved.

Investigation results

Microsoft has stressed the robustness of its systems, stating the hack was not due to internal vulnerability but instead, as a result of the sophisticated attack, which highlights the “continued risk posed to all organizations from well-resourced nation-state threat actors like Midnight Blizzard.”

It has allayed concerns about access to customer environments or production systems, as well as source code and AI systems. However, it said that it would notify any affected parties if action was required.

Microsoft has committed to thoroughly investigate the matter and take any necessary measures, depending on the results of the investigation, working with the relevant authorities.

Image: Tima Miroshnichenko/Pexels.

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