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SnapLogic releases GenAI Builder, a no-code tool to build generative AI applications.

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SnapLogic introduced GenAI Builder – a no code generative AI tool to develop applications for enterprises. It’s designed to work with a variety of data sources, including old mainframe data and modern databases/APIs, and uses conversational AI to enhance digital interactions for customers, employees, and partners.

GenAI Builder is part of SnapLogic’s AI suite, helping businesses integrate AI with their data. This improves accuracy, efficiency, and personalization of data across different types, both on-premises and in the cloud. 

It’s useful for several functions, including customer support automation, data analysis, contract review, and personalized marketing.

SnapLogic claims that the platform allows both IT teams and business units to develop and deliver digital services quickly and securely. It meets the growing demand from various business divisions for new AI driven services. 

GenAI Builder makes it easy to integrate conversational AI assistants with both new and old applications. This is made possible by a user-friendly visual designer that does not require any coding and a collection of pre-built templates for common use cases. 

The platform also allows the combination enterprise data with LLMs to create sophisticated Retrieval Augmented Generations (RAG) apps. SnapLogic claims that this capability is critical for generating context specific AI results, while maintaining data integrity and safety.

“SnapLogic’s GenAI Builder has tremendous potential to help us overcome speed to market, accuracy and resource limitations as we explore creating new generative AI services,” said Gaurav Bajpai, senior director of engineering at Lumeris. “Our goal has always been to provide superior quality and value and by simplifying our integration journey, SnapLogic is helping us accelerate the development of powerful LLM-based GenAI applications which will significantly benefit our members and partners.”


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