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SD Times Open Source Project of the Week : ClimateTriage

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ClimateTriageThis platform is designed to connect developers with open technologies aimed at managing and stabilizing our natural resources. This platform is built using a statically-exported Next.js framework and aims to simplify the process of finding and joining impactful sustainability initiatives for developers.

The collaboration between Open Sustainable Technology and the Platform enhances this initiative, by providing detailed metadata on the open-source eco-system, independent of GitHub. 

This integration allows developers to sort projects by metrics such as downloads, making it easier to find projects who need contributions. To participate, open source projects can be listed on the Open Sustainable Technology GitHub repository. They can use specific labels to attract contributors.

ClimateTriage provides a unique opportunity for both experienced and new developers to make a meaningful contribution in the world of sustainable technologies. By curating a list of projects that make a difference, ClimateTriage makes it easier for individuals to find projects that match their skills and interests. 

This initiative is the result of a collaborative effort by Codeshark (as well as, Open Sustainable Technology (OST), Open Corridor (as well as Linux Foundation Energy), and marks a major step in creating a global community that is dedicated to using technology for environmental sustainability.


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