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PlayStation Premium subscribers get Spider-Man 2 trial

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The smash hit Insomniac Studios game will be available to Sony’s premium monthly subscription.

The news was broadcast on the Playstation Blog as part of the February unveiling of what is on offer to PS Plus members.

Starting February 6, premium subscribers will be able to enjoy the adventures of Miles & Peter in New York City for free. The game was a top-rated game. Top-selling titles for 2023.

Valentines celebration

The blog announcement is part of PSN Valentine’s Day celebration. Sony fans will be thrilled to get a preview of this record-breaking title.

The blog post is:

“Get a taste of the life of Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they swing through the city and face various villains. As a PlayStation Plus Premium member,  you’ll have access to Marel’s Spider-Man 2 with a 2-hour time-limited trial starting February 6. Trophies and save progress from this trial will carry over if you decide to purchase the full game.”

The announcement was made along with the monthly games FOAMSTARS Rollerdome Steel Rising.

FOAMSTARSSquare Enix has released a new 4V4 party shooter. The game modes include Smash the star, Happy Bath Survival, Rubber Duck Party and more.

As part of a five-week season, which includes both a free and a paid-for option, a new FOAMSTAR is made available for each campaign.

Rollerdome, a first-person shooting game meets skater by Roll7, is a critically acclaimed studio. It is a homage to the dystopian, bloodsport film Rollerball starring James Caan.

Players compete in a Deathmatch to become champions at the Rollerdome Tournament. This is a monthly subscription game that has won three BAFTA titles in 2023 including Best British Game.

Steel Rising concludes the February games.

Set in a dystopian France, where a robot arm has quenched the revolution, Aegis is a story that follows them as they discover the mysteries and combat of the time.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will also receive exclusive skins and February titles come with a Spotify Playlist.

Image credit: PlayStation Blog.

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