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Rating: 4 of 5.

The strong are only able to triumph through manipulation, abuse, power and force. Their strength increases as they fulfill their desire to dehumanize other people by degrading humans. This is the truth, whether it’s now or tomorrow, today or then. The only way to resist is to defend yourself. Can the weak rise up like a Phoenix? Can those who lack a voice find a voice?

Set in rural Georgia during the 1900s, Celie’s life unfolds against a backdrop of challenges, including violence and heartbreak. After a tragic incident with her father Alphonso, she becomes a mother of two children, Adam, and Olivia. Celie is denied the opportunity to spend more time with her children, as her father takes her away. Nettie, her sister, becomes a cherished presence in Celie’s life, but even that joy fades when a farmer named Mister approaches Alphonso seeking Nettie’s hand and ends up with Celie instead. Celie’s marriage, which at first seemed to be a happy one, turns out to be a difficult one. Her husband mistreats her.

Celie’s life is becoming more and more hopeless as she continues to be used by her husband, and abused. Her situation, powerless and voiceless changes only when she sees a woman in her home, who acknowledges her strength.

Nettie & Celie are inseparable and rely on each other every day. Celie hopes having her sister at her side will help navigate the challenges she faces with her husband Mister when Nettie leaves Alphonso after a difficult time. Nettie is asked to leave her home and not return when she rejects Mister. Nettie makes a promise to send a note every week, but she fails to do so. Celie worries that her sister has not survived the night. As the years pass, Harpo, Mister’s son, marries his girlfriend, Sofia. Harpo’s treatment of his wife differs from how his father treats Celie, leading to some jealousy. Celie, Sofia and their strong bond grow together as resilient women.

However, everything changes when Shug Avery, a jazz and blues singer and Mister’s long-time mistress, arrives at his house. The wonderful and heart-filling music adds excitement as the narrative becomes more intense. It also helps to shape a deeper narrative in an already heart-wrenching tale of survival. Celie is revealed as a strong woman whose will has been taken away by her husband. She is treated like a slave and is used daily. She does not receive any respect or recognition for the house she is supposed own. Mister is a heartless, ruthless and terrifying human being. Not everyone would want to be on the same road as him. Shug arrives and that ruthlessness is gone. He becomes a sweet, caring man who is kind to his mistress while treating his wife like a lifeless object.

The film’s cast deserves a special commendation for delivering an impactful performance that truly enhances the beauty of the movie. Blitz Bazawule’s work in choreography, music, lyrics, acting, and direction is of the highest caliber. The performance is so moving that you will shed tears. There’s no need to conceal your feelings while watching with the audience because, regardless of your background, the film is sure to evoke a heartfelt response. It’s a beautiful yet challenging story, and the stellar performances by Fantasia Barrino (Celie), Danielle Brooks (Sofia), the wonderful Taraji P. Henson (Shug Avery), Colman Domingo (Mister), Corew Hawkins (Harpo), and Halle Bailey (young Nettie) make the journey you are about to embark on truly worthwhile, deserving to be relived time and time again.


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