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  • E! House Of Villains is returning for a second series. Production will begin in early February.
  • House Of Villains, season 1, was a big hit with the audience. It became one of E!’s most watched new series.
  • Although a specific date has not yet been announced, the potential release window for House Of Villains Season 2 is later this summer.

After a successful debut season, House Of VillainsThe E! The E! The unscripted reality game show pits 10 TV villains against one another in a series mental and physical challenges. Each week, the villains cheat, lie, and scheme in order to compete for a $200,000 grand prize and the title America’s ultimate superhero.

House Of VillainsSeason 1The show was a huge hit with the audience. Its premiere episode drew an incredible 1.2 millions viewers over seven different platforms. By December, The show was one of E!It was E!The key demographics of the market had performed extremely well. It’s no wonder that House Of VillainsSeason 2 is already in the works.


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Latest News about House of Villains season 2

house of villains montage with pink background

On Thursday, 18 January 2019, Variety E! The announcement was made that there would be an House Of VillainsSeason 2 is coming. Joel Mchale is returning as host. Production on Season 2 will begin in early February. John Irwin and Dave Kuba will return as executive producing the series, which will continue to produced by Irwin Entertainment.

House of Villains Season Two Release Date Potential

Split images of House Of Villains stars Jax Taylor, Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Corinne Olympios

E! The announcement was made that House Of Villains Season 2 will be released later this year. According to E! House of VillainsThe network will definitely bring it back. It’s one of their most watched new series in over three years. The network has not specified when the next season will air. Season 2 could be released as early as summer 2024. However, a fall release would be more realistic.

House Of Villains Season Two Potential Cast

Promo shot of the House Of Villains season 1 stars

No information has been released about the possible cast of season 2. There is no information about who may be cast in season 2. House Of VillainsSeason 1 CastIncluded Johnny Bananas The ChallengeJohnny Fairplay SurvivorOmarosa The ApprenticeTiffany “New York Pollard” from Flavor Of LoveJax Taylor Vanderpump Rules, and many others.Tanisha from Thomas Bad Girls ClubThe winner of Season 1Supervillains are the ultimate villains of reality TV.

Has House Of Villains Season 2 started filming?

How To Watch House Of Villains Season 1 & When It Premieres

Production on House Of VillainsSeason 2 begins in February. Season 2 has yet to begin filmingSeason 2 of E! will not air until later in the year. Season 2 may not be available anytime soon, but the entire of House of VillainsSeason 1 is dropping soonPeacock will be streaming Season 2 on Monday, February 19th. Season 2 will be available on Peacock shortly after it airs on E!

House Of VillainsSeason 1 will be available on Peacock from February 19, 2024.

Source: Variety


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