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Christopher Nolan wants to make you feel Tenet and not understand it

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Image: Warner Bros.

Tenet The oddest place in the world Christopher Nolan’s filmography. It became one the big tentpoles during the early years of The pandemic, and Warner Bros. simultaneous streaming/theatrical releases of its films led him to jump ship to Universal. Ahead of the movie’s Re-release of upcoming releases, Nolan’s telling folks that they shouldn’t think too hard about what the hell’s going on in this movie.

In a recent episode, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert The host of the talk show mentioned Tenet’s Most common criticism of being difficult to understand. For his part, Nolan argued that you’re “not meant to understand”Everything in the movie. “It’s not all comprehensible,”He admitted. “It’s a bit like asking if I know what happens to the spinning top at the end of Inception.”

Christopher Nolan: You’re Not Meant To Understand Everything In “Tenet”

The larger point Nolan’s making is that audiences will get what’s going on in his movies if they allow themselves to experience them. (The point of Inception’s For example, the ending is deliberately meant to be ambiguous. The best way for him to achieve this is by watching it in a theater. He thinks that viewers sometimes miss the forest behind the trees. “My narratives…[are] not a puzzle to be unpacked,”He continued. It’s something he feels “very strongly” about, and why he’s stopped himself from commenting on theories for his films.

In the same interview, Nolan confirmed that he is a huge fan of the Fast & Furious He called them a “tremendous” franchise. His favorite film, like many others, is 2006’s Tokyo Drift.) For a guy known for twisty narratives and playing around with time, and sometimes painted as humorless, it’s admittedly fun to see Nolan gradually smash those general assumptions about him. He’s also a fan of Talladega Nights, so clearly he’s just always been a regular-ass dude who knows how to direct the hell out of some movies.

Tenet The film returns to cinemas on February 22, 2019.

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