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Can AI do ugly? | TechCrunch

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This week someThoughts on AI aesthetics and the challenge of uninsurability. Also, how to pitch a startup in biotech to non-experts. — Anna

Too good to Be True

Most tools claiming AI-generated text detection fail spectacularly, my colleague Kyle Wiggers reported. That’s a paradox. I’m only human, but a lot of the AI-written pitches I receive don’t pass the sniff test yet; their style and wordiness feel off.

Even if you can see the je ne sait quoi, it’s probably too early for machines to detect it. As fellow TechCrunch writer Ron Miller observed recently, “it’s really like AI-generated art, which has a certain look and feel.”

This look and feel was made hilariously obvious in a recent test conducted on one of my favourite social media accounts. Ugly Belgian Homes.


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