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Bumble launches AI to filter out fake profiles and scams

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Whatever you’re searching for on a Dating appMost of us agree on one thing: We want to talk with real people. No spammers or scammers and certainly no fake profiles.

BumbleDeception Detector is a new AI powered tool that Bumble launched to weed out fake profiles, spam, and scam profiles. Its goal is to take action even before users are able see them. During the testing phase of the new tool Bumble found that Deception Detector blocked 95% of spam and swindle profiles automatically. During the testing phase, reports of spam, fake accounts, and scams decreased by 45 percent.

Daters are especially concerned about the risk Dating scamsBumble research shows that fake profiles are a problem. Bumble’s survey found that 46 percent women were worried about the authenticity and compatibility of their online matches. Other dating apps were also forced to increase their efforts against romance scammers. Match Group introducingIn-app messages warn users about common scam behaviors.

Deception Detector utilizes a machine learning model to evaluate the veracity profiles on the app. The AI tool is a combination of human and automated support.

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In recent years, the issue of scams on dating apps has gotten worse. In 2021, it was reported that people lost their money. Romance scams cost $547 MillionAn 80 percent increase compared to 2020

In a press statement, Lidiane Jones said, “In recent years, we have seen a significant evolution in the online landscape and a growing concern over authenticity.”

Jones added: “With our focus on the women’s experience in online, we understand that trust is more crucial than ever before, especially in this AI era.” We are focusing on how to use AI to help reduce the anxiety that comes with making connections.

Bumble isn’t the first app to launch a tool powered with AI. In 2019, Bumble launched its AI. tool Private DetectorBumble has since been acquired by Bumble. Bumble was launched in 2009. A version of the tool is now availableOpen-source code is available to the greater tech community.


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