The Best Way ToSwitchDatabaseFromMicrosoft SQL ServerToPostgresql?

Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL are the most popular RDBMS. Each of them have a big variety of administrative tools and programming APIs you can work with. The previous possesses a quite tough licensing policy, though. Moreover, it also possesses a very high total cost of ownership. Alternatively, the PostgreSQL boasts a less strict licensing policy as well as an open source. Thus, many organizations and business ventures are currently transferring their databases from SQL Server to PostgreSQL.

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To transfer or move your database effectively, you have to adopt these measures:

  • Firstly, you should extract table definitions from the source database. These table definitions should being the form of DDL SQL statements.
  • Then convert these statements into the destination format. After the formatting load them in the target database.
  • You then need to export data from the source database into and intermediate storage such a sin CSV files.
  • After this, you should change data according to the destination formatting and load it again in the target database.
  • Then extract views, triggers from SQL Server data base and stored procedures in SQL statement forms and source code.
  • You should then convert these SQL statements into destination formatting to be loaded into the target database.

The whole process of transferring your database from MS SQL to PostgreSQL is filled within convenience and great efforts particularly when done manually. There’s a high-risk of loss of data and corruption as a result of human error in this process. Thus, it is a wise decision to make use of special software to accomplish this task automatically.

Intelligent Converters created a tool to convert SQL Server to PostgreSQL. Their software possesses a good performance in the migration of the database from one server to an alternative. Due to the fact it can direct read and write data without the need for components or middleware libraries. At the same time, it is capable of supporting all versions of SQL Server and PostgreSQL. All of these versions incorporate cloud solutions. The programalso offerscommandlineversiontoautomateandschedulethedatabaseconversionprocess. By using the software you can’t can’t only transfer data from SQL server to a newdatabaseas well assynchronizeormergeitwithalready established PostgreSQL database.

Additionally, this software enables you to transfer certain specific records within the database only at the same time. The application possesses a filter option to select some queries needed. Applying this tool will enable you to select specific records columns and can also change this data before transferring it into into the PostgreSQL format. In a few instances, you might want to change column type in the final database. To serve this purpose the software has the “custom column mapping” capability. Use this feature by double-click on stablein “Selected Tables” list box. This will cause dialogue window to open, where you can change name, type, default value and NULL-attribute for any column of the table. You can also exclude certain columns from conversion. Should there be no remote connection available in the PostgreSQL server, you can employ the software option of exporting the data into SQL script.


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