Synchronize your MAC with the best app

Working on the Mac becomes easy when you are able to check all your phone data and online account data on it. For this you just need to sync your Mac book with your mobile phone and online accounts.  You need to have the right syncing app that will help you to sync your iPhone, iPad and online accounts with your Mac so that you can easily check out your mails, messages, play music  and do everything with your Mac that you do with the other devices.

Some of the latest apps for synchronization of Mac are as follows.


SyncMate, an app to synchronize Mac for all the Mac computers, iOS and android devices, mounted devices, online accounts, and Microsoft Windows. This app helps in syncing personal data and multimedia files and folders. Non sync options like device mounting and SMS management are also available. iTunes, iCall and address book can also be sync.


This app not only syncs other devices with Mac but also create the backup for data so that it can be restored very easily. By using this app, you can sync only the files. No folders can directly be synchronized with Mac. Mobile devices, any computer, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and FTP can be synchronized with Mac while creating a backup for the data and files.

Synchronize! PRO

This app does not offer synchronization but helps in creating the back up and restoration of the files and folders. Mac data backup can be created with file server that offers the option for creating bootable backup.

Online services for sync Mac and store data

There are several options to synchronize Mac with the online accounts like iCloud, SugarSync and dropbox. The benefit of synchronization with the help of these accounts is that it makes it very easy for the Mac users to access data from any location.


This is a cloud storage option offered by iOS devices. It helps in managing the personal data including address book, messages and iCall.


This app provides the facility of synchronization as well as sharing of files and folders. There is also a facility to store data, share it and remove any data from cloud platform.


This is one of the most trending cloud storage options. All the files and folders stored on Dropbox can be shared with any one over the network. It is compatible with Mac, iOS and Android devices. Hence, it is widely used by the Mac users to sync Mac. This app is similar to SugarSync.

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