Some Reasons to Why People Skip getting One Plus 3 Covers

It becomes a conflict in the minds of the users to whether they should purchase a cover for their smartphone or just let it be natural. Smart phones like One Plus 3 are delicate but at the same time possess great looks. To protect the phone from any kind of damage from fall or impact or scratches you need to get one of the many One Plus 3 covers. But many people prefer keeping the phone natural without any covering to retain the actual beauty and mesmerizing built. If you are planning on keeping it naked without any case, then you might agree to some problems the covers have.


Reasons to skip covers

There are some reasons to why one should think about not getting one cover for your smartphones. One of the primary reasons behind avoiding One Plus 3 covers is that it hides the actual look of the sleek and stylish phone. Some other reasons are:

  • The covers add weight to the phone. Apart from certain covers designed specifically for One Plus 3, some cases make the phone bulky. Some cases that are made out of silicone are light weight but they make it difficult to slip the phone into and out of the pockets.
  • Phones are covered with skins or cases to protect them from damage but at the same time you add areas for dirt to accumulate. There are many nooks and corners where it is possible for dirt to get inside. Although there is the possibility to clean the covers at regular intervals, but people don’t pay much attention to it until it looks dirty and ugly. As a result the phone itself looks dirty because of the case.
  • It is the wrong idea that any case will protect the phone from any kind of damage from fall. Soft covers can protect the smart phone from breakage than hard cover. So it is very important that you choose the right cases for the phone.
  • The cases which are not breathable act as incubator and make the phone heat up. The overheating device further kills the battery. As a result the phone slows down and you end up losing the phone.
  • Some cases for the One Plus 3 are very cheap but the cheaper ones don’t offer the same kind of protection. The cheaper cases are also not attractive to look. The other cases that are better to look and add protection are expensive.

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