Protect your loved ones by averting the misuse of cell phones

The advancement in technology always comes with its pros and cons. Built with the motive of profiting mankind, one cannot ignore the detrimental effects it brings along. Cell phones are the best examples of this type of innovation. With its increasing use every hour, humans are getting exposed to the dangerous radiations emitted by it. The unsafe and unusual use of mobiles makes humans prone to these radiations, which produces some serious health threats. The precautionary steps must always be taken by the cell phone users to prevent themselves from these radiations.

Methods to reduce the radiations

Though yet not proved completely, these electromagnetic radiations emitted by phones have been blamed for causing several health disorders like psychosomatic disorders, skin diseases, lower bone density, headaches and most importantly, the brain cancer. It is not imaginable for people to avoid the use of cell phones totally now, so measures should be taken to prevent cell phone radiation. Some of the preventive steps you can take are-

Using phone on speaker mode– this way you can greatly decrease the exposure to radiation as putting the mobile right next to your head manifolds the risks.

Avoiding the use in poor signal zone– in low network area, the cell phones in order to connect with the towers lifts up its power, producing more radiations.

Texting instead of calls– messages and other communication ways reduce the danger by not exposing your head and body right next to the radiations.

Using anti-radiation devices– these current devices in the market can give you most effective results by neutralizing the injurious radiations.

Think first about your health

Using cell phones is a necessity but try to minimise its usage as far as possible. Guard your children from getting addicted to this machine because nothing ismore important than you and your family’s health.

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