ORM: Bendable Phones

An independent company has hired ORM to help create a marketing campaign for their company and their new product, a bendable phone. At the moment, they only have a phone that can bend outward into a tablet; however, they are working on a phone where that can be folded and placed into your pocket for better storage without having a bulky feel in your pocket. The working phone/tablet is quite special, it has eight gigs of ram, sixty-four gigs of memory storage with two dual core processors. It will also have OLED screen to illustrate the colors perfectly and on top of all that, it will be waterproof, not water resistant. Waterproof means it can be submerged in water for a prolonged time and it will work perfectly. It can actually be used in water as well so if you want to snap a pic or video of the coral reefs, you can do just that with this device. The only problem they are facing at the moment is the battery life. It can only last ten hours, which isn’t bad, but they want about a full day on a single charge. That is the only thing they are still working on at the moment but in the mean time they want a strong marketing campaign.


ORM services decided to focus on comparing a standard phone to this phone. They made videos of professionals running around and juggling their phone and tablet. On the other hand, they have another professional who has the foldable phone and they fold it outwards to access their tablet. They end the commercial with message stating they are still focusing on making the battery powerful enough to function for at least a full day on a single charge. They posted this video on many social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, which they realized many people were extremely interested in their product. Some were saying that they should incorporate a solar panel to help the battery problem. The company realized that was actually a great idea and that can be a premium version of the device because solar panel technology is still quite pricey, especially for a small company to include within their product. Finally they completed device that can last about twenty hours on constant use with video playing and on maximum volume while being connected to the net. Realistically, the device will last much longer since most people won’t use it for twenty hours straight as described.

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