Laser Marking Machines & Fiber lasers marking: A short guide to know about

Laser marking technology has been grown over years to current technology face of massive application in various industries. The uses expanded so much that the market is occupied by the various types of laser marking machines within separated characteristics which you need to know better with effective comparison. The use is emerged as growing marketing and commercialization needs the millions of products to be identified by some unique mark and consider as authentic brand. Either the necessity of the various industries product marking and identification branding pushes the availability of various types of Laser marking machines in market or the reverse.


Different types of laser marking machines

The differentiation depends in the factor of use of its source laser:

  1. Fiber Lasers: The fiber lasers works according the amplification of seed lasers designed specifically for the fiber glass where the pump diodes supply the energy to the it. It is prominent in use for marking the metals for engraving it. Fiber laser marking machines are cheaper, require minimum maintenance, convenient and have other so many advantages.
  2. CO2/Gas Laser: Electrically stimulation if carbon dioxide gas mixture on which gas or co2 laser are based on and suited best for plastic and non-metal materials. With more beam quality and high efficiency than other, it maintains itself to be used most in industry.
  3. Crystal Lasers: It is solid state laser marked by diodes and has same specification in terms of wavelength and state as fiber lasers so better used for metal plastics marking however, it is less durable or attains less service.

Fiber laser marking are more prominent in use  as it can serves a wide range of materials including th metals to leathers and plastics to other kind of materials. It is popular as due its flexibility in application. Among all the pre-existing technology, fiber laser marking technology is attending more industries due to better results with it. The domination is due to using technology of fiber pumping in it where the fiber and ytterbium are primary components working together as combination or fusion.

Different ways of applications of laser marking machines

Laser Cutting:  The laser cutting is widely used in various industries but popular with jewwellery cutting and designing.

Medical Devices: medical devices and other equipment are used for frequent sterilization of surgical products and materials according to need and use.

Jewellery Laser Engraving: Making marks of identification, brand name, title along with protecting copyright and so other customized or essential needs are under this type.

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