Know about the types of content distribution for the videos

Content delivery network is a vast network that is served all around the world. CDN can also be perfect idea for the people who want to boost their websites. CDN by giving best performance to the end users can also effective to give best ranking results. People understand that by the implementation of the CDN some of the factors can be easily improved such as bounce rate, security (HTTP) and page load speed. Effects of the increase page speed can be seen in the rankings of the pages too. Page load speed is considered as the major factors as more the load speed would be the less bounce rate would occur.

The services of the CDN (content delivery network) are used most often while you are dealing with different types of content distribution as listed below:


  • Downloading

At the time of software distribution or downloading large files, CDN is used to secure the services and promote it with fastest downloading speed from http.  It may also include some of the additional requirements like the ability to download the huge files or resume it while your connection is lost.

  • Progressive downloading

In this users don’t have to wait for the files to get loaded while it immediately played after a little buffering. This format is commonly used for feeds like when company posts any text or video on the site, the user can immediately start to view it.

  • Streaming

In this case, files are not stored in the devices or computer of the user. CDN is available to provide uninterrupted delivery including the packages in order to adjust speed of the channels. If video broadcast is not possible in the real time then CDN can also allow users to begin to view channels from the different points of the file.

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