Key Benefits of Using a Keylogger App

A mobile Keylogger app helps to monitor mobile phone devices by installing the app on the device you want to monitor. This software enables employers to watch secretly over their employees and it also helps parents to monitor the activities of their children. The Keylogger by Hoverwatch Free software keeps track of all the deleted messages and calls as well.

How Can the Keylogger App Help the Employers of an Organization?

Many organizations provide their employees with mobile phones for official use and thereby the management of the Company has every right to track the mobile phones of its workers to ensure it is being used for official purpose only and not for personal use. This software has the recording call feature,with the help of which the management of a Company can find out whether any office employees are giving away confidential information or not. Even if the employee deletes the calls, the software keeps track of it. The administrator of a Company can be entrusted with the responsibility of putting the Keylogger app into each of the Company’s mobile phones given to the employees.

How the Keylogger App Helps Parents?

The app helps parents to monitor the activities of their children, such as keeping track of the messages children shares with one another on the social networking sites, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, etc. The parents can also keep a track of the SMS and the MMS messages shared by children. They can keep an eye on the images included in the MMS messages to make sure that children do not share inappropriate information.

Features of Keylogger App

  • Monitoring of Social Networking Sites: The software helps to track the messages received and sent through an online messenger, such as Viber, Facebook, MMS/SMS making use of the particular device being monitored. It tracks the audio, video and the large picture files. It even tracks the files and the deleted data.
  • GPS Tracking: The Keylogger app helps to track any user based on the device’s location. The location details are easily accessible and the user can access it an
  • Secretly Tracking: One of the major advantages of this software is that it helps in monitoring the devices of the users secretly. It remains completely invisible while carrying out the task of monitoring.
  • Call Recording: TheKeylogger software records the contact information, phone calls and the duration of the calls in detail. The details are then sent to the registered online account.
  • Front Camera: On unlocking the Android device, this feature of the software takes the user’s picture and sends to a registered account of the person monitoring the device. This provides the information of the user at a particular time.
  • Browsing/ Internet History: This software keeps a track of the Internet activities of the user of the monitored device. It can even track the online activities of the user even at the Incognito mode during his Internet browsing time.

The Keylogger app is easily available on the Internet. You just need to download the app without paying anything and gain access to its wonderful features, such as ‘hidden mode,’ call recording etc. To know more about the app visit

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