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Companies need Content writers and freelancer writers in India for their content creation need because content plays a vital role in the company’s business strategies and so the number of content writing jobs in India are highly demanded. There is a never ending need for web content copywriters and freelancer writers. Contentmart is its best solution to fulfill that need. Contentmart is a virtual content market where business and writers can easily get in touch for mutual help.

Following few quality questions will make you better understand about Contentmart.

Why is special?

Contentmart is rising in the market of high-quality content and article services along with other big players like freelancer, Writersbay, upwork and WorkHire. Contentmart established itself as reliable and reputed platform to work on which give it an edge over other writing platforms. Contentmart provides facility for content writers in India and the clients to interact directly with chat feature and carry out business. This site was created to fulfill the growing demands of the industry of providing high-quality contents and articles. It is the first content marketing site of India.

How it works?

A client may easily put up an order for his content writing jobs on the site. The freelancer writers bid on the project and the client award the order to the desired writer after checking the details and sometimes after communicating with them. Their articles are delivered according to the wishes of the client. The client only pays the writers after he is content with the quality of the articles. The client can always reject and deny poor quality articles.

In startingmost writers struggle to make money her for few time .but once you understand system, everything comes be normal. SometimesSmall business pays more than the rates provided by writers on Contentmart. This may discourage many accomplished writers However for a new freelance writer; this could be a golden opportunity.

Web content copywriters in Contentmart are highly qualified, well test and verified by contenmart itself with qualification tests and classification categories. This ensures high quality written work for clients.


  • Web content writers and freelancer writers in India charge less than writers abroad. Cheap labor is one of the reasons many clients hire freelance writers in India.
  • Multiple language projects are supported in Contentmart, which makes it perfect destination for content seeker from all over the world.
  • If one is new to the business and has no experience, this website can be the most reliable website to work with.
  • Once a writer gets started there are endless possibilities for him on this site.

Final words

The website has been growing rapidly because of its diverse Indian freelancer writers from all walks of life and good reviews. The amount of content writing jobs on this site is on the rise every month. This may be good news for content writers in India. Visit today and get your content requirement done.

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