6 Proven Tactics to Get Million Downloads on Your Mobile App

Launching your app is a nice feeling. You have put a lot many efforts into the mobile app development process and wish to get an equal response. But, is it so easy? Is it easy to get millions of downloads on your mobile app?

If I have had asked this question a decade before, the answer would have been, Yes. But alas, we are in this mobile-only era now – a time when there are millions of mobile applications in the app market and many more will be adding while we are discussing this topic. Feeling tensed?

Don’t worry! Though the competition is tough, you can still reach on the top and rule the minds of your target audience, provided you put the following tactics into practice:

  • Focus on ASO Marketing

ASO is the foremost medium to make users reach on your app page, get to know about your application, and drive higher downloads. So, it is recommended to app builders to look into the ASO marketing. Find the relevant keywords, add a crispy description, pick the right app icon, upload high-quality screenshots, and perform other such practices to make your app SEO-ready.

  • Outreach on Social Media

Your brand online presence also matters. So, look forward to social media marketing for upgrading your app installation rate. To make the best use of Social networking platforms, gauge which platform is best to target your desired audience. Write informative yet engaging content. Share your story, ‘behind the scene’ clips, exclusive app screenshots, app news, etc. to generate a hype in the social market and keep the users prepared to hit on the ‘download’ button once your app goes live.

  • Consider Referral Marketing

More than 84{2f2048dbcca188861b05655754a08607a72198771211d2204378772df76e0af9} of users make purchase keeping referrals in mind, it’s completely wise for the mobile application development companies to invest in Referral marketing. Build a lucrative referral marketing program, offer exclusive discounts/coupons/offers to your existing end users in return for referring your app with others. This way you will not only acquire more new users but add trust to existing customer relationships.

  • Connect Influencers, Editors and Press

Involve editors, bloggers, influencers and other people into your marketing game. Ask them to mention about your mobile application in their work and environment. This will bring higher attention to your brand, build trust in your brand, and thus, boost app downloads.

For example, If you have a Fitness mobile application, connect bloggers and editors writing regarding health and fitness. Request them to try your app and showcase it in their next work.

  • Encourage Reviews

App reviews make a major difference in your mobile application popularity and download rate. It brings the attention of other and let them know that your app is worth clicking on the ‘download’ button. Besides, the reviews act as a way to connect with the target user base and understand what challenges they are facing while using your mobile app. This, in turn, can make it easier to plan app update and keep your app in the limelight.

So, what are you waiting for? Ask your active users to share their experience. Also, send a request to the reputed critics and YouTubers for the same.

  • Release Regular Update

Keep an eagle’s eye on the user experience and market trends. Look for improvements in your app and push an update accordingly. This practice makes your user excited about your application and gives them a reason to remain hooked. Besides, it sends a signal to the app store that the mobile app development company behind this app is dedicated to enhancing the user experience, which eventually boosts your app downloads and ranking.

When it comes to app update, there are different rumors regarding the perfect time to release an update. While paid apps update their mobile application every 89 days, free apps wait for only 18 days. However, there is no hard and fast rule regarding app update. You should update only when there’s something new to surprise the audience.

Driving higher mobile app downloads in the present competitive app market is a bit tricky. However, you can achieve your goal by adding the aforementioned pointers into your mobile app marketing strategy. So, go ahead!

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